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Comparison of different chipsets of Digital Picture Frame in present market and their advantages and disadvantages

The present chipset used in dpfs in this market are ESS, Zoran, MTK8303, SPG291, MX, CTK, Amlogic. There are different advantages and disadvantages in these different chipsets. Shenzhen Qingxin Technology Corporation with his brand name Magic Dream Life and his technical team have concluded many expertise on this line so share with you all here. If any query kindly feel free to post your comments here, we will appreciate your any comments also we give you reply soon.

The cheapest solution is Ess but it can't support built-in memory flash only work with memory card insertion.* The biggest advantage of this solution is its cheapest price around 13usd, its disadvantage is there are some shake on the screen when displaying pictures so not that steady. Some of style of this solution such as 8380 and 8381 can't support Divx. For this solution it can support display pictures, play music and video.

CTK solution: There is no screen driver built in the chipset and need to install to work. The price is also around USD13, can't support built-in memory flash and background music but for these two functions many people like. It can support Display pictures, play music and video. The performance is a little like ESS solution.

Zoran solution: For this solution, there is already built-in screen driver, and the price is also around USD13.5, it can support slide show pictures, Support USB port, CF/SD/MMC/MS card, AV out and so on, however it also can't support built-in memory flash and music background and can't connect to computer directly. It also can support play JPG,WMA,MP3,AVI,DIVX,MEPG1-4 formats and 9 pictures at one screen at the same time. The solution is a little better than ESS and CTK.

MTK solution: For this solution, the chipset-self has already existed about 16M memory flash and it can port about 26pcs of pictures. The biggest advantage of this solution is it can support install DVB-T TV receiver function. The style is MTK8303, price is around USD16.5

MX: This solution is good and can meet many requirements but the price is also a little pretty high around 18USD. The biggest advantage for this solution is that it can support built-in memory flash and background music and can connect to computer to download files directly. Also support display pictures, play music and video like ESS, CTK and Zoran. The disadvantage is its price is a little high.

SUN SPG-291 solution: The performance details is it can support USB port, built-in memory flash, background music, game and AV out but the disadvantage is that it can only support SD/MMC memory card. However the price is not that high around USD15.5

Amlogic solution: For this solution, it can support built-in memory flash, USB port and connect to computer to download files directly and also support back ground music, ring alarm, calendar . The memory cards it can support is CF/MMC/SD/MS/XD and so on, support copy files from one card to another card in one frame. And the price is also a little high around USD17.5.

About panel:
Now the panel in this market is AU INNOLUX brand for 7" frames, most factories use it with CCFL which the steady and brightness and color is not that good, with CCFL panel, there are some shake and wave in the screen, but if use LED-background instead then the effect is good.

About the panel used in big size frames like 10.4", 12", 15" ... and so on, many factories offer a very low price, in fact the panel they use is B grade panel and the quality is not that good. About the cost of 10.4" panel, the original newest panel of grade A is around USD80 and the unit price is around USD120, but some customers like cheap price so manufacture can also use B grade panel and the price is about USD95.

All the price above is the market price, if anyone need our company, Shenzhen Qingxin Technology Corporation can also offer you a good price, however if any query about any technical problem, feel free to contact us support@magicdreamlife.com, if you want to order Qingxin' products kindly contact us with sales@magicdreamlife.com, your questions will be answered in a very short time.


This article was written by Andy on 28 May 2007. He works for Shenzhen Qingxin Technology Corporation and is registered at the digital photo frame forum.

* In contrast to the time when this article was written, ESS nowadays is able to support internal memory.

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