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A comparison of Sunplus and Amlogic solution

This short article has the aim to compare the digital photo frame solutions Sunplus and Amlogic.

The sunplus solution originally comes frm DVD player's chipest. It was used in DVD players before. This means that it originally was not designed for displaying photos and this the reason why the display speed of digital photos is quite slow.

The Sunplus solution has all typical features of a digital picture frame. It supports photos, plays music, plays movies, has the option of showing pictures with background music, it has a slide and step show function. In other words, it meets almost all requirements for normal end-users. Despite all those functions, Sunplus is very cheap.

The negative sides of this solutions are that it can not support all card types and it does not support internal memory. The Sunplus solutions just support SD/MMC card and MS card. A quite substantial part of digital cameras, which use xD cards, are not supported as well as the CF format. An option for those cards is a card reader, which can be obtained quite cheaply. Furthermore, Sunplus does not support a USB slave, so you can not use your USB stick or connect your digital camera directly with the digital frame. Sunplus also can not store pictures on the frame itself, as it has no built-in flash memory. It also is not able to copy, transfer and delete file stored in the memories. It

The Amlogic solution is the solution designed for digital photo frames. It supports all typical features of a digtal photo frame. Besides supporting all cards formats (CF/SD/MMC/MS/xD) and having a USB slave, Amlogic solution supports a 128MB to 2GB built-in flash memory. This allows you to store pictures, music, movies or other files in the digital photo frame. Amlogic solution allows you to manage your files, i.e. copying, tranferring and deliting files is possible. The negative points are that it only allows a resoltuion of 480 x 234 pixels on a analogue panel. Besides those technical characteristics, the price is higher for the Amlogic solution compared to Sunplus solution.


This article was written by the webmaster of this site, Digital Photo Frame Market, Hannes Mungenast on 28 June 2007.


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