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How viruses get on digital photo frames


In my last article, I wrote about a virus on digital photo frames from China. My suggestion for digital photo frame manufacturers, especially for Chinese ones, was to improve quality control.

In the meantime, I found an interesting video, which can be watched below. It describes how viruses can get accidentally on a digital photo frame. Ironically, quality control may be the source for viruses. During the quality control process, digital photo frames get connected with a computer and may get infected by viruses. For manufacturers, the important conclusion is to focus on security when testing frames. First of all, the computers in quality control should never get connected to the internet, as the internet is the prime source for viruses (especially in China). Furthermore, up-to-date anti-virus software and firewalls are important. Ideally, the usage of USB-devices should also be banned. It is important to inform employees about these measurements and explain why the actions are taken. When a virus is found on a digital photo frame of your company, it can be the end for your company.

If you want to discuss this issue, you can log into the digital photo frame forum.

This article was written by the webmaster of this site, Digital Photo Frame Market, Hannes Mungenast on 15 March 2008.


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