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Digital photo frame vs. portable computer

It is well known that the digital picture frame especially 7inch digital picture frame have a very good market in the past two years. Many people like 7inch digital picture frame with mp3, mp4 as well as internal memory flash functions, although there are also many people who claim that the present DPF have so little functions, what they need a DPF which can work like a computer.

The present DPF already can not meet people's requirements along with the development of this market. So it is a big trend to develop a new kind of DPF.

There are many chipsets used in the present DPF like ZORAN, ESS, SUNPLUS, AMLOGIC, MTK etc. But all of them can only display pictures and play audio and video. None of them can work like a computer to read and edit files, they can only be read but can not edit. For now, there is a new version of 7inch DPF coming onto the market, and the chipset is Linux 2.4 including Abiword (Word), Gnumeric (Excel), Flash, Instant Message, email, media players, Dictionary, PDF Reader, Games, Schedulers/Planner, Paint brush etc. and they can also work with the internet supporting ADSL, WIFI, CDMA, GPRS (available)

The details of this portable computer are as follows:

Display: 7" true color screen (800*480)

CPU: Ingenic (JZ4730)

Processor: XBurst 400 Mhz 32 bit

Operating System: Linux 2.4, include Abiword (Word), Gnumeric (Excel), Flash, Instant Message email, media players, Dictionary, PDF Reader, Games, Schedulers/Planner, Paint brush etc.

Broadband interface:10M/100M Ethernet

File format: AVI, MP3, MP4, WMA, WMV, FAT etc.

Network access: ADSL, WiFi, CDMA, GPRS (available)

Built-in Wifi function

Network: USB Intel® Pro802.11b/g/Wireless

RAM: 4*32MB

Flash: 512MB NAND Flash (support 512MB, 1GB ,2GB)

Support SD/MMC card (up to 8GB)

Built-in stereo speaker and microphone, microphone/earphone jack

USB Port: USB 1.1, 2 extensible USB ports

Battery: 4 cell, it can work 2.8 hours at least, actual battery life will depend on actual operations and other settings

Keyboard: Yes.

Weight: 0.625kgs


This kind of DPF is the newest version of 7inch DPF and  may also be the development trend of the DPF line.


This article was written by Jimmy (jimmy.alliance@gmail.com or  alliance5355@hotmail.com) on 27 October 2008. He works for www.promotion-gift-made-in-china.cn. His company started to produce the portable computer described above. If you are interested in more information, you can contact him directly.

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