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Do you know Sisvel?

You don't? - Well, you better should!

Sisvel is an Italian company that claims to have the patent for MP3. This makes Sisvel one company that claims that. As there is not one universal patent for MP3, the situation is quite complex. Thomson, Fraunhofer IIS, Sisvel (and its U.S. subsidiary Audio MPEG), Texas MP3 Technologies, and Alcatel-Lucent all claim legal control of relevant MP3 patents related to decoders. Hence, the legal status of MP3 remains unclear in countries where those patents are valid.


One particular time, when Sisvel gets in the news is CeBit, the world's largest computer expo. The last years, the police confiscated a number of digital gadgets, including digital photo frames, after complaints from Sisvel. In short, without having a Sisvel license, an importer of digital photo frames in Europe risks that their goods will be confiscated. Therefore, importers should make the Sisvel license as one of their buying criteria when sourcing digital photo frames.





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This article was written by the webmaster of this site, Digital Photo Frame Market, Hannes Mungenast on 22 June 2008.


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