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Digital Photo Frame Market

This section deals with a description of the digital photo frame market.

A DPF is a consumer electronics good. It satisfies the need of displaying digital photos (and also music and videos) at home. Already many people own a digital camera, however, just few decide to print the photos. Many people just store the photos on their computer. However, this is quite complicated for a big part of digital camera users. The DPF is a simple device, where the pictures can be displayed without much knowledge about computers. Therefore, a DPF is also appropriate for elderly users.

Before 2006, the DPF was just a niche product and appeared in professional stores. They were priced at a few hundred US Dollars retail price. In 2006, manufacturers in China (especially Shenzhen) headed into this field. As a result, the price dropped significantly. Now, DPF are a mass consumer product and affordable by almost everybody.


Market outlook

According to a press release by Parks Associates the global market for digital photo frame products will exceed 12 million units by 2010, up from an estimated 700,000 units shipped in 2005. Chinese manufacturers are even more optimistic. Anyway, whatever estimation you use, all conclude the same: The DPF market is booming in the next years. Now, it is the right time to invest in DPF.


Market segmentation

The digital photo frame market can be segmented in the following categories:

1) Simple function digital photo frames
Simple function models mean that they can just display JPEG pictures in a slideshow. Most of these models are 7 (or 5.6) inch big. These models do not have any remote control and are just operated with buttons on the machines. The earliest models do not have a power on/off button and can just support SD and MMC cards. The following models added some functions such as the support of MS and xD cards, a power on/off button and the possibility to rotate the picture by 90 degrees. These models usually use Zoran solution and are very cheap.

2) Simple "multimedia" digital photo frames
These DPF can play photos, MP3 songs and some movies. Similar to the first category, it can show the pictures in a slide show, however, with these models you can add background music. Some models have a zoom function and the picture can be rotated 90, 180 or 270. Normally, also a USB host is included. These models usually do not support all popular memory cards and do not have a built-in memory. So, no pictures can be stored on the device itself.

3) Improved "multimedia" digital photo frames
Products in this category can read all popular cards (CF, MMC, MS, SD, xD) and have a built-in memory. In addition, a DPF in this category is also able to delete and transfer files between the built-in memory and the cards. If there is a USB slave, you can also connect the DPF to your computer. The models in this category (just like some in the previous category) include a calendar, clock and auto on/off or alarm function. These models usually use Amlogic solution.

Most models in the above categories can be delivered in different sizes. The most popular sizes are 5.6", 7" and 8". However, also smaller (like 2.5") and bigger (like 10.2" or 10.4") models exist.

This category also includes wireless frames and frames with special features just like the possibility to connect with flickr.


This was an introduction in the digital photo frame market. If you need further help or if you want that I assist you in sourcing digital picture frames, feel freely to contact me.



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