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Information about Memory Cards

1. Secure Digital (SD) Card

The SD card is based on the older MultiMediaCard (MMC). Both cards can be read by the same card reader. Therefore, if a digital photo frame supports SD, it will also support MMC. In 2005, SD/MMC had a market share of over 40% in the digital camera market. Now it is the most widely used card. The manager of one company told me that the market share of SD is now at about 70%. Many digital camera manufacturers use SD in their products, such as Nikon, Canon, Kodak, Panasonic, Konica Minolta or Casio.

2. Compact Flash (CF) Card

The CF card is an older card, which is much bigger than newer ones. Therefore, it is unsuitable for new and small digital photo cameras. However, it is still used, especially in professional cameras.

3. Memory Stick (MS)

MS is Sony's memory card. It is used by Sony and Sony Ericsson devices. Due to the support of Sony, MS has a considerable market share.

4. Multi Media Card (MMC)

MMC can be considered as predecessor of SD card. As any device, which supports SD cards can also read MMC it can be considered as a SD card.

5. Smart Media (SM)

SM was very popular for digital photo cameras. In 2001 SM reached a market share of about 50%. Noteably Fuji and Olympus cameras used SM. However, the maximum capacity of SM is 128MB, which was quickly too small for digital cameras. In the end, Fuji and Olympus switched to xD card.

6. xD-Picture Card

Due to the storage limit of SM, both Fuji and Olympus switched to xD card in 2002. xD cards are not as widely supported as SD and only used by Fuji and Olympus. Due to their higher costs, they have not become as popular as SD.


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