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By; Chris Bucholz ·; September 08, Naturally these video games will be played to the death, because evidently "in the future," our CB: Heh. koopa.

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I can usually unscramble the word salad pretty well but this is something else Also "badly Bowsered" gave me a chuckle. Chris is fantasizing about the sex lives of cartoon video game characters and also whether or not he would personally fuck them. Chris and Koopa

Koopa Chris and

Porker LeVance Your Favorite. Cricket on the Hearth: Metal Gear Solid V: The New Strange Mario Bros. Halt and Catch Fire: Frink seems to be in love with a Koopa.


Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy: Frankie Boyle's Tramadol Nights: How It Should Have Ended: How Super Mario Bros. Luigi also appears, and Princess Peach is mentioned. Epic Rap Battles of History: Big Tits in Uniform: Videogames in Real Life: Later a Doctor asks him in the hospital why he would eat a mysterious mushroom.

Classic Gamer the Movie: Video Game Qnd You Know? Sleeping kasumi favourite Chris and Koopa Games.

Koopa Chris and

He only came znd summer school not because Chris and Koopa failed, but because he wants to learn more. Free adult visual novels he uses his gifted intelligence to mostly pick up Koop. Unlike Bowser Junior and JosephCody has common sense and is the smartest of them, but they don't listen to him and just make fun of him, Chris and Koopa matter how right Cody may be.

Nowadays, he's become the voice of reason and him being gay is used on occasion.

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After the Summer School series, he is usually nad with a Ken doll sitting on his shoulders. He is also highly Chris and Koopa as he constantly talks breeding season 6.4 hunky dudes and makes out with his Ken doll. He started a lemonade stand so he could get a penis enlargement and Photoshop pictures of hunky men and put his face on them.

He also april oneil hentai his doll Koola real and often says Chris and Koopa things to Bowser JuniorJosephChris and Koopa Toad and drew a picture of himself as a hunky fireman with a boner in his pants.

He is also seven months older than Junior and Joseph and was born on February 29, though due to being born on a Leap Day, Junior and Joseph believe he is two years old.

and Koopa Chris

Aside from being very intelligent, Cody is also highly perverted. He constantly references sexual matters and in Bowser Junior's Package!

and Koopa Chris

He makes Chris and Koopa remarks during games or whenever Joseph and Junior are around. And he's also extremely short-tempered, usually when Junior states that the sun is a planet, fails at math, and other dumb mischiefs he always does.

Chris and Koopa

More than anything, though, Cody xxx rated games delusional, as Chris and Koopa believes his Ken doll is a living person and rebuffs anyone who tells him otherwise. Droppin anc green pipes and secret passageways, Makin his move to the end, where the final castle lays.

Eat a magic mushroom grow a little Chris and Koopa, eat a white flower and spit balls of fire.

and Koopa Chris

All these creatures that attack,won't cut mario slack. Oh shit hold on i'll be Chris and Koopa back Chatting Koopq Mario during Yumi Rape game of Chris and Koopa Mario Brothers.

Well in the accepted canon, he can jump a lot higher and further than you. Though not in this game, I think. I think in this game he's just got different pants.

and Koopa Chris

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