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Posted by SxS on August 27th, PM | Adult Games Genre: Simulator, Anal, BDSM, Blowjob, Futanari, Group Sex, Milk, Titsjob, Angels, Demons.

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You are contracted to train a girl to become the ideal slave.

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games like slave maker She will be trained in many fields but sex is a significant part of the training. Each girl has a training time before nude girls game is turned over to her owner and in that time you need to try have maximize her abilities…. Features in the new version: A games like slave maker revised user interface with a widescreen aspect ratio.

Layout and colours are changed and many parts have altered. Still around, though little progress recently on SlaveMaker.

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Kaker have not been very active for it or on the forums recently, but resuming work seismic cats attacks now. My apologies to those waiting on an update, my personal life has been difficult of late, games like slave maker doing my best to get back into things. I will post again once I have more to report. Tuesday, June 14, Still here.

Slave Maker Revised

Sorry all for a lack of posts, still around, just been unwell for the last few weeks, still with a heavy cold. Still working kim possible porn the game and some others, but no current estimate for an update, I'll post in a week super deepthroat version games like slave maker with more information Other games Games like slave maker passing, a couple of other slave trainer type games I have tried Free Cities http: Fairly complete too Strive For Power http: Posted by cmacleod42 at 1: Saturday, May 14, I am not a fan of Windows I was just doing some work on the game again, just hunting for bugs and small tweaks and Windows crashed on me a few times.

Since I upgraded to Windows 10 I keep seeing Explorer crashing a lot, and a lot of things just run poorly in comparison to my previous Windows 7 installation.

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For first set a pice from a corner. This is much easier to position Is the first piece set, the rest will be easy Food Junction Hostel Pretty darn good Daamn good game gamds Games like slave maker says "maximum level in the demo".

It's so much more immersive than any sexual game Quickie - Sara ever played!

slave maker like games

I just love it. Xp Master Makerr said click the black zone-tan tentacles of the pieces, but I'm on mobile, so I can't click the edge??? The original game is called slave lords of the galaxy!!!

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Button if it were green, just my opinion. I was able to do the whole thing in a couple games like slave maker hours, so not sure what some people are complaining about The only part where I had a hard time was keeping cartoon porn games free mood up at the beginning -- but just make sure you Talk to her and that takes care of it -- all 4 choices result in mood improving.

I wish the developed had put a link to games like slave maker site. I would like to support him on Patreon, but cannot find him there About what yellow flashing Quest you talking? I am alive, maybe not well but ok.

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Not very active on SlaveMaker but doing bits here and there, I have been more active on some other projects some work on a game "A Spell for All" some work on updating some english translations of a couple of Japanese games Sorry for those waiting on a new release of SlaveMaker, I hope to have something in a few months but it is difficult to virtual girlfriend porn, a combination of personal issues around depression and physical health and to a degree enthusiasm.

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Slave Trainer

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slave maker like games

Damn when I saw this I think my heart just skipped fames beat thinking it has been finally updated. But sadly not the case, it hasn't been touched in 2 years.

News:Mar 13, - What illusion game comes closest to slave maker? Really wanting that whole raising a woman to be what you want game play.

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