Slave maker 3.5 - Slave Maker version b3 Fixed from cmacleod42

Porn Game: Slave Maker version b3 Fixed from cmacleod Size: MB. In this adult game you are a slave trainer in the kingdom of Mioya. You are.

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This is a screen shot from Slave maker 3.5 Tetris, which I can assure you was a very real mini-game once featured in Playing History 2: Originally released in Slave Maker is a Free sex games com software in the category Miscellaneous maksr by cmacleod It was checked for updates 0 times by the users of our client.

Apr 25, - That i don't know it's from the dev's website you can start the game and [Others] [Completed] Slave Maker [v] [cmacleod42] Officially the owner released the , I saw in futanari Palace that . I've played a version of this game before, and I remember you could choose the sex of the protagonist.

Your goal in this interesting and 3dgspot games adult sex game is to train your own slave. The story takes place in the kingdom of Mioya which is well known for the slaves. Same guy as the person who asked about slave maker pregnancy in last post, for some reason my replies keep getting deleted so I'm putting this here in hopes that that.

Read start of slave maker 3.5 for disclaimer. I hope you all enjoy this lets play of another fun game also ill be posting lots more videos like this so if you.

The count given is a minimum number but the actual count may be a a bit higher - some improvements for developers. I will update the torrent early in the new year when I return from holidays. This an update only, to installcopy the downloaded archive into your existing version 3. Slave maker 3.5 On Hangs and Crashes. People have reported issues with the game hanging or crashing when eitherloading a gamestarting a new slaveduring end game.

Like Reply Purple Heart Like Reply hasg Like Reply rab bioshock intimate Like Reply archgirl Like Reply anonymous Like Reply G gives gold Like Reply blacksnipster I can meet with the lord yet he calls shampoo a street girl.

Like Reply BuzzLord22 Like Reply no slave maker 3.5 Like Reply fucking macbook Like Reply Something I feel like Slave maker 3.5 done training Shampoo, how do I turn her into my assistant? Like Reply al Like Reply sluttybabe Like Reply HD1 Like Reply u mad Like Reply ThunderDreams But this slave maker 3.5 at best a web demo of v3. Like Reply chickenking School Girl Sim 1.

Lesson of Passion Extended. Slavemaker Revised Yeah, I knew. Slace said it to show my addiction. Slavemaker Revised That's how rumors stuidofow started!

Suddenly 15 pissed off loli lovers show up at my front door weilding pairs of pliers and blowtorches. Dec 22, 4, Slavemaker Revised How do you get a tail for ponygirl??

Tomoe Lurker Jan 3, slave maker 3.5 Dec 4, 0. Slavemaker Revised I read the description and I'm almost positive wonder woman porn games I saw and played this game on a flash slave maker 3.5.

Funny-games has it I think The possible slaves and the storyline is all the same. Slavemaker Revised No it's not.

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slave maker 3.5 That one is only 16 mb big. The one you download has a hell more stuff slave maker 3.5 actual balance where you get more cash working at a brothel or sleazy bar instead of only getting little to none gold there in the original version.

ZeroSpace Sex kitten hell cheats Jan 3, Slavemaker Revised lol I know I mean how knew selling your body only amounts ma,er 35G? Slavemaker Revised You get 35g? Wtf zero the most I can get from a brothel in the original is 10g tops.

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Copper Lurker Jan 3, Nov 10, save, Slavemaker Revised Ahyes, I do remember playing this one the original anyway.

It was either on Newgrounds or, as noted, Funny-games. Had a bit of difficulty with getting some of the endings, but there is a walkthru somewhere maybe it was newgrounds. People post spoilers in there all slave maker 3.5 time.

3.5 slave maker

DeMatt Lurker Jan 3, These vary from Mb to Mb in size. If multiple links are given then these are interchangeable mirrors, use slave maker 3.5 or the other as needed. These links can have daily download limits, so if one fails to work try again later, or use the torrent.

As time permits I will upload ariane nude mirrors. All create the same base SlaveMaker 3. Note also the date referenced in some of the names is Hentai rella typo and these are the current release. Please slave maker 3.5 my last post for some more information, but slave maker 3.5 slwve repeat an important one Executable Version The.

To use the new version you must makef installed the ActiveX version of the Flash Player. This is available via the normal locations for the player. Posted by cmacleod42 at 2: MKu MKu December 5, at 4: Ramanan Naidu December 5, at 4: This comment has been removed by the author.

Please explain more, all the links work mzker fine for me. Possibly there was save issue slave maker 3.5 the magnet link, I have re-made it to be sure. Ramanan Naidu December 5, at 5: Something went wrong but it's working now, and thank you for making this game. When I'm done I'll seed it for free sex games long as I can.

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XHollow1 December 5, at 4: In torrent it wont download. What do you mean?

3.5 slave maker

I am seeding the torrent, and I can see 70 peers and I am connected to 24 of them and I am uploading and a large percentage of my bandwidth There is only 1 torrent, so no need to note it is 7Gb as there is no lesser one for version 3. I have seen in the past some clients has problems with the torrents I have made, more due to number or files or similar.

Otherwise I am only uploading a slow rate, are you getting any rate of download? If nothing can you try a slave maker 3.5 Quick Fuck Seduced Secretary, I use Vuze, or otherwise download the file host versions.

XHollow1 December 5, at 5: No, torrents do not slave maker 3.5 like that. I guess you are trying the magnet link, if so instead download the torrent file and open it with Vuze slave maker 3.5 your preferred client.

XHollow1 December 5, at 9: Guess waiting in line worked, its now downloading bossman.

3.5 slave maker

Mqker December 6, at 7: The magnet link slave maker 3.5 working, but the. BBreeze December 9, at 5: Thanks for the help Anonymous. Can confirm, the magnet link isn't working, so you'll have to DL one of the uploaded torrent files. Starting the torrent now so I can seed from my mbit seedbox uncensored sex games bit to get it going faster.

Anonymous December 5, at 4: It'll probably be another slave maker 3.5 or two until it's actually downloaded, but I appreciate the release!

MKu MKu December 5, at 5: Anonymous December 5, at 5: Anonymous December 5, at 6: The torrent seems to contain files not contained in the packs.

Downloaded and extracted all the packs, told the torrent to use the same directory, and it shows at You may have some corruption?

Slave Maker

Thus, your slave maker 3.5 mamer redownload them. Possibly there are some omissions in the packs, it is complex to make them all. I will review but it is slow to locate all issues. I thought everthing was correct.

Yes, slave maker 3.5 are definitely something missing in the slave packs, there is maybe a Mb difference, so I suspect I missed a slave from Boobalicious Puzzled 3 packs that is in the torrent.

maker 3.5 slave

I see some mistakes in MinorSlave Pack a trivial issue and some issues for Packs 10, 11 and So far all makr are trivial problems, except for the MinorSlaves pack one actually as it has an incorrectly named configuration xml file.

First let me just say thanks for the great game. Slave maker 3.5 donwloaded via the links in the post and Space Shot I unpacked them all there were some file conflicts during the unpacking. Mostly they were fine, same slave maker 3.5 in 2 rar files, but "configuration8.

maker 3.5 slave

slave maker 3.5 I generated a list of all the duplicates with a porn bastards bayonetta CRC32 checksum and uploaded it here. The torrent has now completed and is seeding so I generated sslave following list of missing files from the downloads. The following files are different in the torrent to the downloads, Slave maker 3.5 didn't know what to do about those: I have created a list of the missing files and put it here slave maker 3.5 it's too big for adding to this post.

I vdategames com guess from your lists that msker torrent slavee is an upgraded version of a 3. Remember the torrent does not delete files that are not in the torrent as such so any moved or deleted files will still be in your folder.

I have fixed the duplicate issues you list well already had in my checking The only discrepancies I can find are that there are missing images folders for 2 slaves 3.5 configuration1. Sorry, I forgot to say, slave maker 3.5 zootopia sex game lot for the help and research orksam. Also your missing file list has shown a few errors I missed, some translated xmls missing.

3.5 slave maker

Any return from the kimochi people if they would be willing to mirror the files? Also, wouldn't it have been better to ask for a seedbox before starting the torrent thing? I mean, I'm stalled at I can't connect to slave maker 3.5, but Slsve have good peers that feeds me whenever they can.

3.5 slave maker

I slave maker 3.5 your pain, I have a decent upload rate, so I'll let my client run for some time. No matter where I Babysitting use I still have to upload the data somewhere, including to Kimochi or a seedbox or anywhere, I see seeds at Yeah, Mwker know, I'm one of them. You slave maker 3.5 go on irc, easier to discuss than this: MKu MKu December 5, at 6: Anonymous December 5, at 7: Anonymous December 5, at 8: Thanks so much for these, you've salve me to mess around with similar things as a hobby: Chibiko December 5, at stripping bets Frenzy December 5, at Mmaker is a wide range of files, there slavr no harm in leaving them behind, The base slave maker 3.5 is 6.

You could check the post by orksam above and his missing file list. These cover most of the files, so you could delete all those files, then run the torrent again to check you did not delete anything accidentally. ALucard December 6, at 3: There are NO problems with the torrent version.

maker 3.5 slave

This is a flash game with several thousand little files, no, there is no slave maker 3.5 with file integrity when it comes to the torrent, but to say there is no problem with the current version of the download, that's a bit disingenuous. This is not maier you do a torrent lesbians fucking games for a program.

3.5 slave maker

Either learn meet and fuck detective rpg use archiving software or stop wasting time on torrents. If this offends you since we're in the age of the perpetually offendedthat wasn't my intent. Anonymous December 6, at 3: You can smell the reddit steaming off of this guy.

The reason the files are unpacks is that allows the torrent to be used the upgrade the game. If you archive then files then you have to basically download then entire game again. I do slave maker 3.5 understand why you consider an unarchived torrent to be bad. The files popular sex games this are generall images and you get very little compression from images all png files are optimaised and the other large files swf files are also already compressed.

ALucard Slave maker 3.5 6, at I know why you didn't archive the files, no need to explain. You don't archive the files for compression, you archive them so there aren't several thousands but just one or a slave maker 3.5 dozen archive parts.

Both of which are easier to error check, write and read from disk assuming you're still using HDD's and do other things with like have the torrent client preallocate the files. You'd be surprised how long slave maker 3.5 takes to allocate 7 gigs of small files and how little it takes to preallocate 7 gigs of slave maker 3.5 or 2 files.

Slave Maker Revised

You're using it as some sort of data synchronization utility - That's not what the common bittorrent protocol was meant for. Not that it can't be done, it's just that slsve was never it's teen hentai game purpose and as such it doesn't excel at it. Well, there is no other free way to synchronise 7Gb of data really, GitHub does not allow that much data, SVN costs money. So a torrent is a effective way.

Sure I know well about jaker for large files as opposed to small ones, I am a professional software slave maker 3.5. Still I find torrent to be maier reasonably quick way to release and by not archiving you get seeds very quickly. Slave maker 3.5 not how bittorrent works at all. It doesn't matter if your files slave maker 3.5 an archive or text or images, since what's actually sent and receives are pieces of the whole torrent.

Not that I complain, since I used College Life Part 2 3. Slav December 6, at 4: Is there no Fenoxo Forums thread? Correct me if I'm wrong, but Didn't there used to be, before the site was lost?

News:Apr 25, - That i don't know it's from the dev's website you can start the game and [Others] [Completed] Slave Maker [v] [cmacleod42] Officially the owner released the , I saw in futanari Palace that . I've played a version of this game before, and I remember you could choose the sex of the protagonist.

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