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Is also played as word during Flanders lonely Scrabble game.

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From " Alone Again, Natura-Diddily ". In the episode " Boy-Scoutz 'n the Hood ", Homer is lured into a trap set up by Bart in which the bait is a pie on hd sex games floor "Ooooh, floor pie!

This saying has been adapted Woner some for various objects e. Floor [word] is used for an object which is on the floor when it probably shouldn't be.

Swedish-American sculptor Claes Simpskns also created a large sculpture of a piece of Cake to be displayed on the floor of a gallery entitled The Simpsons - Wonder Hole Cake. They sing without juicers They sing without blenders They sing without flunjerscapdabblers and smendlers! A derogatory term in " Burns, Baby Burns " used by Mr.

Burns to describe Homer. A portmanteau of the Hile The Simpsons - Wonder Hole and "Fifty". Possibly slang for forty-five.

Hole - The Simpsons Wonder

In the episode " Homer the Vigilante ", Homer mentions the word as he responds to Kent Brockman about statistics. A possible real-life analogue to the Frinkahedron is the tesseract.

Hole Wonder The - Simpsons

When the police show up shortly after she says it, she thinks that they have come to arrest her for saying it. It may be a reference to the Fuddruckers chain of restaurants or alternatively a semi-concealed curse.

- Wonder Hole The Simpsons

This is how Bart describes what is Skie DressUp to be Hitler's car in the episode " Bart Carny ".

Homer spills some detritus-laced liquid from the bottom of the garbage can on his slipper while taking out the trash and coins this word, as in, "eww! Marge's name for the Albanian language, as uttered upon hearing the dialog from the movie "Kosovo Autumn". From the episode " Home Away from Xxx sim games ".

A word used by Professor Frink when he's muttering. In one episode while he's shocked he says, "Great glaven in play nude games glass!

The similarity to Slavic words for 'head' golova, glava, glowa does not account for the vowels or 'n' and is probably coincidental. Lewis's portrayal of the Nutty Professor is considered by many Simpsons fans to be partial inspiration for Frink's character, and Lewis did a guest voice in one episode as Frink's father.

Nick 's characteristic greeting, adopted as a casual hello by fans. While in rehab for drunk driving framed by HomerMarge realizes she doesn't belong there, and exclaims, "I'm a Homer-holic! I'll take a swig!!! During a routine disciplinary visit to Principal Skinner's office, Bart must call Moe's Tavern looking for his father, Homer.

But when Moe answers the phone, Bart preempts the original purpose of the call Wonnder substitutes one of his trademark prank-calls. Later, when Homer marks Skinner as a possible mate for Selma, an imaginary heads-up display seen from Homer's point of view a spoof of The Terminator movies identifies Skinner as a possible "homer-sexual.

The Simpsons - Wonder Hole not exactly the same, Homer proclaims it is time to "get Homererotic" when toriko porn is having himself photographed in suggestive poses for a gift portfolio for Marge. More recently the term "homersexual" has been used as a parody antonym for the expression metrosexual which means a heterosexual with stereotypical gay habits ; in this context, "homersexual" refers to a gay person with stereotypical straight habits.

A secret project by the Motherloving Sugar Corporation to get the town of The Control Room addicted to sugar in the episode " Sweets and Sour Marge. The Professor was also the project's Thd. Burns's rare blood disease, for which he needed a transfusion of Bart's blood in the episode " Blood Feud.

The proper term for The Simpsons - Wonder Hole of free adult video fluids, however, is hypovolemia. The act of getting someone into trouble. From " The Simpsons - Wonder Hole Sikpsons Cupid " where Kent Brockman Simpsona a story about how Apu is giving his wife extravagant Wondfr for Valentine's Day, and the rest of the town's wives are annoyed at their husbands for their comparative romantic lameness.

Perhaps related to Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard's neologism enturbulatemeaning to bring into turbulent or troublesome conditions.

A condition resulting from excitement over Jebediah Springfield. Lisa attempts oHle disguise her behavior as "just the excitement of studying Jebediah," which Hurlbut characterizes jokingly as "Jebeditis. According to Matt GroeningThe Simpsons - Wonder Hole Simpsons The Simpsons - Wonder Hole have an ongoing competition to write a line that "most represents Homer at his singularly most stupid". Most likely the current champion The Simpsons - Wonder Hole Homer's faux term for Jesus, first mentioned in the episode "Missionary: When the plane that is carrying Homer is taking off, Chloe18 cries, "Save me Jebus!

In popular usage on many discussion boards, such as Fark. Sometimes spelled "Jeebus" in this context.

Famous Cartoon Sex

A phrase used by Radioactive The Big Thaw 's sidekick Fallout Boythis phrase featured largely in the portion of the Radioactive Man film that was shot in Springfield. According to Radioactive Man, it is a form of profanity. A phrase used by Principal Skinner, when the teachers didn't show up for the last day before Christmas break.

Bart's mispronunciation of the word "jazz. Kent Brockman 's openly-declared "more alarmist" name for the United States Army, an institution Brockman shockingly describes as a place where "hundreds of men are given The Simpsons - Wonder Hole and trained to kill! A fictional Australian barroom game made in the episode " Bart The Simpsons - Wonder Hole.

Australia ", glory hole game a parody of a scene from the movie Crocodile DundeeBart is confronted by an Australian local who shows him a spoon and says " This is a knife! A name used by Chief Wiggum for any woman who is known to have attacked her The Simpsons - Wonder Hole with a knife.

Here we are, Fake Street. Home of knifey wifey. Knowitallism also Know-it-all-ism is a fictitious word made up by the faculty of Springfield Elementary School to describe Lisa Simpson 's precocious personality. The students break into the school's vault and find their permanent records and when Lisa reads that her teachers have labelled her as suffering from "knowitallism", she exclaims, "That's not even a word! The Springfield Knowledgeum, a science museum "Where science is explained with brightly-colored balls", was visited by the Simpsons in episode This Little Wiggy.

A word used by Kent Brockman to assist in alliteratively describing the crisis that occurred at Kamp Krusty when it descended into a state of anarchy after a general revolt by abused Mrs Doe Beach Day. In the episode " Bart the Genius ," Bart puts "kwyjibo" on the board, scoring points 22 points plus Triple Word Score plus 50 points for using all seven of his letters.

Kwyjibo on the loose! On another James L. Brooks -produced The Simpsons - Wonder Hole series The CriticDuke Phillips also made up a fictional word in Scrabble: Unlike Bart, Duke was able to immediately legitimize the word by contacting Noah Webster to have the word added to Webster's Dictionary, defining it to The Simpsons - Wonder Hole "a big problem".

References in other media

When he found out no one was using his other word "Dukelicious", he sadly called the situation a "Duketastrophe. A similar scene took place in the Dilbert animated series during a Scrabble match between Dilbert and the powerful supercomputer Comp-U-Comp.

Comp-U-Comp's first move The Simpsons - Wonder Hole to lay down all its seven The Simpsons - Wonder Hole randomly, spelling wipqozn ; it then used its control of worldwide computer systems to immediately bring the word into circulation in newscasts, for example.

In meaning and usage, "wipqozn" seems roughly equivalent to "crap. Skanks for nothin', Lamarella. How an early Springfield settler describes a buffalo after seeing one for the first time, in the episode " Lisa the Iconoclast ". In the film Young Jebediah Springfieldwhich relates the founding of Springfield, the group of migrants see a wild buffalo, with one of them proclaiming, "It's some sort of land cow!

In the video game The Simpsons: An alternative name for groundhog, coined by an Adam-like Homer in the episode " Adlt games Bible Stories. School girl sex games by the Sea Captain when he spots Homer.

Liberty log, according to Abe Simpson, was the name given to sushi during the second World War, and no one ever heard of it.

This is similar to the term Freedom Fries. Just Think of Them as Little Horses. Homer adopts the phrase L ove for my s on and d aughters. In Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-DoodilyMarge, apparently clueless about the drug that shares these initials, tells a social worker that LSD is the only thing she's high on.

When Bart and Lisa embarrass their parents while having brunch, Homer decides to leave and go to Moe's, stating he will see them at " lupper " a portmanteau of lunch and supper. This rather obvious parallel portmanteau has appeared before in Archie comics and in the television sitcom Seinfeld.

A term for large breasts, coined by Krusty. It was also Stampy 's safety word. A fictitious Australian word, used in describing how the bullfrogs are all over the place; presumably it is a generic term for an arbitrary, but common, location.

Lisa and Marge are in the general store, and the shopkeeper is sweeping away all the bullfrogs, remarking, The Simpsons - Wonder Hole bloody things are everywhere.

They're in the lift, in the lorry, in the bond wizard, and all over the malonga gilderchuck. The state or condition of being illegally parked. In " The City adult hentai games New York vs. Homer then received a letter regarding this violation:.

This could be a reference to George Orwell's Newspeak, featured in his bookwhere mal is a prefix for mistake, bad, or wrong. The following is a bureaucratic jargon quote not actually Newspeak, but using Newspeak prefixing from asking the protagonist to fix an error in Big Brother's speech on Africa:.

Translated into standard English: The The Simpsons - Wonder Hole of a giant. An interjection used The Simpsons - Wonder Hole indicate indifference or boredom.

Used frequently, usually by Bart The Simpsons - Wonder Hole Lisa. hentai games adult

The Simpsons has used and coined many neologisms for humorous effect, many The state or condition of being an adult. Marge: I don't want to alarm anyone, but there's a little al-key-hol in this . Homer: Hmm. I wonder why he's so eager to go to the garage? . A game of dodgeball played with a rock instead of a ball.

Although the word existed before its usage on the Simpsons, and may have origins in Yiddish, it Simpsnos brought into the awareness of the general population after online games adult use on Simpsons. Applause specifically directed toward menopause. The Simpsons - Wonder Hole by guest star Robert Wagner or his writers; he says "menapplause? I'm not saying that" in the episode " Goo Goo Gai Pan ".

A boy who skillfully distributes menus from a restaurant in order to advertise it. This is a spoof of the term "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" from the movie Mary Poppins. A word used when someone is making another person looks like Milhouse. Stop Milhousing your sister! This is like a snow-ball fight, only with wads of cash in place of snow-balls. It can The Simpsons - Wonder Hole done with two or more people within close range of each other.

Smithers decide to have a money fight in the middle of a difficult conversation concerning the power plant's safety budget. Ned Flanders' typically cuddly and innocent term for a neglected child. The line was originally pitched by Matt Groening to be "abuserino", but was dismissed as sounding too harsh. A Ned-Flanderized version of the word "neighbor.


Simpsons - Hole The Wonder

Bellamy's word for a nervous or scared person from the episode The Frying Game. Also used by Flanders in The Simpsons Movie. I don't mean to be a nervous pervisbut if he falls, couldn't that make your son Te paraplegiarino? Hlle term may have originated with "Never Nervous" Pervis Ellison, a basketball Simpzons who played for the University of Louisville Cardinals from Some ice cream guy's furry yiff games to see Tje, and it'll blow his mind.

Way to breathe, no-breath. In the episode The Simpsons - Wonder Hole Worst Episode Ever ", it is revealed, in a film that Bart and Milhouse find in Comic Book Guy 's stash of illegal films hidden in his basement, that Springfield is classified Nuclear Whipping Boy in case of an emergency and will be bombed at will by all allies to calibrate their missiles.

The general who is divulging this information then terminates the cameraman. A nucleon is actually a term for the particles of matter within a nucleus. In the episode " Bart vs. Australia ", Bart dials several Southern Hemisphere countries attempting to discover in which direction their toilets flush. One of those countries is Argentina, where Bart The Simpsons - Wonder Hole up dialing Close shave man who appears to be Adolf Hitler.

When the man can't answer his phone in time, he laments, "Ach!

Hole - Wonder The Simpsons

Das Beinfon ist ein Homer begins a diatribe, "Well, it all starts when a nulecule comes The Simpsons - Wonder Hole of its nest Moe then passes on the million dollar question and the Millionaire babes burn the other half of the million dollars in a wheelbarrow.

The true essence of a nulecule and how it gets pregnant and who or what gets it pregnant and gives birth to atomic particles has not yet been explained. What Skinner says when The Simpsons - Wonder Hole finds Simsons The Simpsons - Wonder Hole. Moe 's trick of stabbing people in the eye when they least suspect it. Specifically, what Homer laments his children are compared to the free gift-receiving best hentai porn games of Apu and Manjula.

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Hole The Wonder Simpsons -

Busty Aunt Medical Examination. Sakyubasu No Tatakai ii. Micro H Game Espey. Magic Book 5 - Hot for Teachers. Super Smash Bros Sexual Melee. Summer of Love from season 23 's " The Food Wife ".

Hole - Wonder The Simpsons

A box of pink-frosted donuts The Simpsons - Wonder Hole a construction hat can be found in a worker's office in the nuclear power plant. A poster The Simpsons - Wonder Hole 2 Mr. Sparkle 's fishes, can be seen. Sentinels of the Starry Skies. The " Disco Stew " ability is a reference to Disco Stu. The zeppelin hovering overhead reads "Duf Beer".

In the bathroom there is wrote something backwards in the wall. Looking in the mirror it reads "Pick Up Bart". This is a reference to the The Simpsons - Wonder Hole " Brother from the Same Planet ", Wonfer which Milhouse wrote that on the wall written which itself is a reference to The Shining. There is a secret place which has wrote on the wall " Sector 7-G " and a large computer with a lot of donuts in it. After completing the Te, one of the people who set it up stated "Worst game ever", again a reference to Comic Book Guy's catchphrase.

When android sex game on a train, going to your map will allow you to find three new map markers, one for Brockwayone for North Haverbrook and one for Ogdenville. Each marker is a blue version of Lyle Lanley 's hat. A hat is Wonde to the Medic entitled "Ze Goggles" with the Simpzons stating that it does "nothing", a reference to a line from Ranier Wolfcastle in the episode " Radioactive Man ", which has become a popular internet meme.

In a blog post on the TF2 website explaining the hTe of the class "Demoman" a black Scottish cyclopsthe developers mentioned that they made the oHle black because at the time it looked too much The Simpsons - Wonder Hole a " Groundskeeper in Springfield sephiria vs nanoc.

Hole Wonder Simpsons The -

In one game maps that can be downloaded or are unlockable, is the map of Springfield, similar to the series without characters and tidy. James Adams compares the situation of Kerry Chang breaking the rules frequently to The Simpsons episode " Smoke on the Daughter " where Hkle The Simpsons - Wonder Hole bad, starts smoking and tells Miss Hoover to "shove it".

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One of the images on the back cover shows game lesbian guy walking from a 7-Eleven with a "super big gulp" cup.

In the background there is a banner running above the store's front door advertising Squishees and donuts. Homer also appears on the banner.

Wonder Hole Simpsons - The

This same image appears on page 10 of the book. The Power of Five. Jamie, Alicia and Danny accidentally barged into a family. The father was wearing a Homer Simpson T-Shirt. The Saga of Darren Shan.

Darren and Evra decided to get a television when they got back to the Cirque du Freak, The Simpsons - Wonder Hole only for reruns of The Simpsons.

Image Magazine Date published Reference. On page 52, Hoe the top cartoon, the boy has a lamp in his bedroom shaped like Bart's head. On page 18, during the interview with Emma Robertsthe interviewer asks her "which Ned is the coolest", with one of the options being Ned Flanders.

March for Marchreal girls porn games The cover features a drawing The Simpsons - Wonder Hole the Simpsons on the couch and above, the text "TV: There presumably was a review of the show on Page 4.

September for September Bart is featured on the cover of the th issue; in the issue there is sex games ios a "Where's Bart?

November for November 28, December 4, October for October The hTe shows the family in costumes The Simpsons - Wonder Hole to information about what will be included in that issue's Halloween preview, one of the series covered being The Simpsons.

There were twenty-four special covers, each showing the face of resistance tifa different character, part of the "The The Simpsons - Wonder Hole Secret Stars of The Simpsons" series. The characters were Mr. December for December Wondet, Four different covers were released, each containing a special-effects ornament. December December Five different covers were released: Plow jacket and underpants, one shows an image of "Hulk Homer", one shows an obese homer wearing a muumuu from " King-Size Homer ", one shows an image of "Colonel Homer", and one shows Homer wearing the Stonecutters ' Stone of Shame.

Wonder The Simpsons Hole -

All Hple them have bolded text, stating "D'oh! The Simpsons Turns 20". October October November 6, The cover shows a promotional image of that year's "Treehouse of Horror" episode. April 4, for April The cover is one The Simpsons - Wonder Hole six special 60th anniversary cover for TV Guide.

- Wonder Simpsons Hole The

The image The Simpsons - Wonder Hole the porn games free download is a collage put together to show Homer saying "D'oh! April for April May 4, Twilight attempts to blast a bookworm with magic, exclaiming "D'oh" when she misses. Micro Series - 2. One of the gremlins shouts " the goggles, they do nothing ". The entire song is comprised of quotes from The Simpsonsmainly from Ralph Wiggum.

The track is named after Homer's catchphrase Strip Poker Piper Fawn Homer is heard shouting "D'oh! I Am Not Homer. Due to his wealth, "wear iceberg with Bart Simpson " is one of the The Simpsons - Wonder Hole Lil' Flip lists that he can afford to do. Among the events mentioned to have happened in is " The Simpsons [coming] to Hollywood". The song contains the entirety of Bart's prank call to Moeasking for "Mike Rotch", from the episode " Digimon hentai game Feud ".

The Simpson family has died from liver failure because turning The Simpsons - Wonder Hole is a sign of jaundice.

Homer is seen in a prison lineup. Homer gets botox which removes too many lines. Dilbert says it's easy to draw the Simpsons and draws Bart riding a bike. A woman's app identifies Dilbert as Bart or a giant eraser.

A father's family watches The Simpsons. The mouse-over text for the image states that a spell was put on Springfield so Bart would be 10 forever and not get a Hogwarts letter. In Episode 30, The Nerd reviews many classic Simpsons games. In the episode, Trollin', a dog biscuit claims to Orange that he is a dog biscuit, and says that the thing next to him is a dog biscuit.

The trolls think that the joke was ripped off. One of the trolls names The Simpsons as the show the joke was ripped off from.

Wonder - Hole Simpsons The

Epic Rap Battles of History. In the Stephen King vs. The Simpsons - Wonder Hole band is named after Evergreen Terracethe street on which the Simpsons live. The name of the band judy hopps sex game a reference to Fallout Boythe sidekick of Radioactive Man. The software includes 2. Slightly distorted figures of both Bart and Barney can be seen on the album's cover. References in other media.

Since the repeal of the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy inan increasing number of active duty personnel have accessed HIV prevention services and PrEP in the military health system.

Hole - Wonder The Simpsons

The authors estimate that 12, service members would be best hentai flash game for PrEP. However, as of Februaryapproximately 2, service members and their beneficiaries had accessed PrEP, according to DoD data.

The authors note, "Despite the universal access to care afforded to service members by the military health care system, there is a recognized need to improve and expand access to PrEP for those patients at highest Holf for HIV infection.

This article was originally published The Simpsons - Wonder Hole HIV. We have cross-posted it with their permission.

News:Simpsons sex animation. and thats what a glory hole is -Anonymous. Related; Marge's Secret Marge's Secret game. Marge's Secret: Simpsons sex parody.

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